A Crazy Gemologist's Ship Log

June 29, 2015

Crazy Gemologist's Ship

I was a bunch of small completely scattered pieces; in some of these there was passion, in others, enthusiasm and in others...I don't even know what there was, and that is how I began to collect precious gemstones in a compulsive, impulsive way. Not knowing what they were, knowing nothing about them, because who goes around picking up shells from the sand, and falling in love with them without rhyme nor reason.

One day, the wisest woman I know started to put those pieces together, and she said to me: “study”. At the same time that I was studying, my hardships colleague and my friend supported me in all my crazes-purchases: “do it” he would say to me, don't think about it, buy it. And everything started to fall into place. My Christmas, anniversary and birthday presents were all gemological devices, reference books, gemstones, and more gemstones.

Along the way I met my “map”, Elvira Vilanova, the woman who trained my eye and heart. Because of her I learnt to “love inclusions”, to see gemstones from the inside, to feel them.

There I was, the hull of an old wooden ship, full of patched holes. And then came the “wind”, my friends, partners and professional colleagues Luisa Muñoz and Natalia Fresco. Stealing time from time to help me in this my great madness. Pushing the wooden hull through a sea full of rutile needles, as deep as the night and as beautiful as a gem. Thank you.

Thank you to all who help me in this wonderful madness. To my great graphic designer, Stephanie Wonderland, for her time, to my sisters Aurora Sanchez Polledo and to Teresa, Teresa again for bragging about me. To the best translators into English, Irune and Kerina, to Mr. Carles Báguena Ruiz for showing me that gemology and commerce do not need to be at odds with eachother and that it is possible to be trustworthy and honest in this profession. To my gemologist colleagues, La Niña De Las Piedras, Kasia Samoń, Irene Vega Fuster, (and those who I don't name here, please forgive me), who share my posts and that with their “like” push me a little further forward each day. To those who read me, Rosa Álvarez . And to my daughter: please forgive me for all the time I steal from you. Many, many thanks.


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