Loose Opal Gemstone. Opal Gem is a quite delicate precious stone.

The beauty of the Opal Gem resides in which every opal is unique and exclusive, each gem have a play of colors. Within Opal, we can find: White Opal. Black Opal (it’s the most valuable), Fire Opal,  Boulder Opal

Opal is an amorphous substance belonging to the group of silica. The opal is formed by a series of microscopic spherical structures of different sizes. The spheres act as a diffraction grating light giving light interference and produce the play-of-color.  Opal Gem is a quite delicate precious stone; this is why it should be treated with care. Opal is a 6 on Mohs scale of hardness

October has two birthstones and Opal.

October has two Birthstones Opal and TourmalineMore information about Birthstones