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A Gem In The Family

MdMaya was born at the same time as my daughter.

I have always bought precious gemstones. And because I couldn’t move during my pregnancy I started buying them on the Internet. I learnt from my mistakes. I have suffered many disappointments in both virtual and physical shops, so I started to take the stones to the School of Gemology at the University of Barcelona, where they used to analyse them for me and they would tell me whether the gems were exactly what I thought I had bought.
Needless to say that my daughter has a vast collection of “faux stones” that I purchased; synthetic sapphires, amethysts and citrines which were synthetic quartz, as well as a long list of others. Finally I realised I didn’t want anyone else telling me whether the stone was this or that, if it was treated or “mistreated”, if it was synthetic or not. 


So that’s why I decided to study. It was for this reason that I studied 2 years of Gemology, and got the title of Gemologist from the School of Gemology at the University of Barcelona. 


And followed this with the one from the European Education in Gemology (FEEG). After that I enrolled in the Diamonds Specialist course, ending with the title of Specialist in Synthetic and Treated Gems. Of everything that I learned during these years, I have come to this conclusion: When you buy a high-end car you don’t go and open the bonnet to find the motor and the technology of a low cost car. In the world of gems – you do. You buy a ruby and what you are really buying is a red coloured stone, which can be anywhere from red coloured pieces of glass to a genuine ruby, through to synthetic rubies, spinels, garnets, treated rubies; whose commercial value is not even close to what you paid for it.


This shop offers you exactly what you see: NATURAL GEMS.


Gems with inclusions. These beautiful inclusions that indicate, to us, the Gemologists, that they are natural and which provide us with so much information. UNIQUE GEMS, because there are not two natural gems that are the same. This shop is the fruit of years of study and is born from a great passion. I hope you like them.


Lola Sánchez

Graduate Gemologist diploma


Graduate Treatment and Synthesis Gemstones


Graduate European Gemmologist FEEG