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Selected Loose Gemstones, Lovely Color Change Diaspores, Luxury Morganites,  Colored Tourmalines, Elegant Spinels, Vibrant Garnets, Beryls, Sapphires, Rubies and Gemstone Jewelry at MdMaya Gems

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Affordable Gemstones at MdMaya Gems

Affordable Gemstones

You can have a natural and fine gemstone for under $500. Spinels, Tourmalines, Citrine, Amethyst, Ammolite, Garnets, Pearls...  Our best gems at the best price.

Under $500
MdMaya Gems your gemologist

Behind of MdMaya Gems there is a big passion: Gemology.

 When we started to trade in the colored gemstone, we soon realized that we needed to acquire knowledge, afterwards, we began to study Gemology. We studied the two years of Gemology in the University of Barcelona, Spain, the Diamond Specialist Course and the Speciality of Synthetic and Treated Gems.

For us the Gemology and the Gemstones mean PASSION.

 On this web you can find Gems and Jewels,  information about Gemstones, Birthstones, what are the inclusions (photo gallery and some explanation), and why the inclusions they are so important to gemologists; latest news, the best links for us, most interesting websites, forums, etc..