Pairs Spinel

Loose Spinel Gemstones and Pairs Spinels

In the world of gemstones matched pairs of Spinels are highly sought after because they are highly prized in jewelry both to make earrings, ring and pendant, etc. Prices matched pairs is usually higher than the price per carat as this is because that is to hard find two gems of the same color, saturation, hue and size. It is really very difficult and involves an extra expense of cutting, the rough is often underutilized. 

We can find Spinel Gemstones in a wide variety of colors: Red Spinel, Orange SpinelPink Spinel, Purple Spinel, Orange "Flame”, Blue, Violet, Mauve, Grey Spinel, Metallic Spinel, Green, Colorless, Black.

Spinel is the official Birthstone for AugustMore information about Birthstones

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