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The perfect mismatched pair of Amethyst Briolette Cut 31.86 ct


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This beautiful pair of amethyst is imperfectly perfect, one of them is bigger than the other and its color is more purple. Despite all this, they make a great pair with a nice play of volumes and an elegant briolette cut.

These gemstones will be perfect in a pair of earrings or any kind of your bespoke jewelry. Only $12 per carat

The Amethyst is the Birthstone for February. It is astrologically associated with the zodiacal sign of Pisces and is the gemstone that is gifted for those celebrating a 6th wedding anniversary

St. Valentine wore an amethyst ring, engraved with the image of Cupid.

WEIGHT 1: 17.32 ct
WEIGHT 2: 14.54 ct
SIZE 1: 22.85 * 11.79 mm
SIZE 2: 20.32 * 11.51 mm
SHAPE : Briolette with hole
COLOR : 26. (vP) violetish Purple
TONE : 3. Light
SATURATION : 2. Slightly Brownish / Grayish
CUT GRADE : Excellent
TREATMENT : Untreated
Inclusions type : Color Zoning 


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Amethyst Gemstones

Beautiful and sober purple variant quartz. Amethyst gems are present in myths and symbols.

From the Greek word AMETHYSTOS (not intoxicated), it evokes the color of the wine to which water has been added to limit their negative effects.  Violet amethyst is the "sister gemstone" of yellow citrine. Ametrine is the combination of amethyst and citrine, with its typical color-zone.


Amethyst gemstones are the gems most commonly associated with the color purple. The purple color can be bluish or reddish with grade of saturation from grayish / brownish to vivid.

The biggest factor in the value of the Amethyst Gemstones is the COLOR

Amethyst Gemstones commonly show color zoning, consisting in angular zones of darker to lighter color. The color of amethyst is  caused by the presence of color centers and iron.

The highest grade amethyst color have a rich velvety slight bluish purple with red and blue flashes commonly called “Siberian Amethyst” or “Deep Siberian Amethyst” (these terms refer to the color, not the origin).

They are also highly valued the amethyst color strong reddish purple without color zoning and without brown hue. 


Amethyst cut stones are available in a wide variety of shapes. Apart of convencional cut, we can find fancy cuts as customer taste.

Until 18th Century was included in the most valuable gemstones,  until the discovery of extensive deposits. The effect that large sizes has on the price of amethyst gemstones is less than other gemstones. 


Amethyst Gemstones  will show eye-visible inclusions 

Typical inclusions: The main inclusions in amethysts are the called “zebra stripes”, primary fluid inclusions  describing the faces of the rhombohedron.

 We also can find “color zoning”  angular zones of darker and lighter color, and Brazilian Law Twinning. 

Two-phase inclusions. Solid Inclusions.


More information about Amethyst Gemstones


MdMaya Gems uses the following clarity scale when grading gemstones.

Setting aside translucent and opaque gemstones, the first classification to take into account is: 

  • Type 1: Stones that are often inclusion free
  • Type 2: Stones that are usually included 
  • Type 3: Stones that are almost always included


EYE CLEAN: Appears clean to the unaided eye. (Type 1, 2 and 3)
       Type 1: Minute inclusions difficult to see with the unaided eye.
       Type 2: Minor inclusions easy to see with the unaided eye.
       Type 3: Noticeable inclusions apparent to the unaided eye.
       Type 1: Minor inclusions somewhat easy to see with the unaided eye.
       Type 2: Noticeable inclusions apparent to the unaided eye.
       Type 3: Obvious inclusions very apparent to the unaided eye.
HEAVILY included: prominent inclusions that have a negative effect on appearance or durability.

SEVERELY INCLUDED: prominent inclusions that have a severe effect on appearance or durability or both. (Type 1, 2 and 3).



All our gemstones have been analyzed by a qualified gemologist. Each precious stone comes with a gemological certificate to guarantee its authenticity, as well as describing its unique characteristics.
Pictures in this website might not reflect the intensity and brightness of the real color of the gemstone. Additionally, the pictures might not properly represent the real size of the gem (provided in millimeters). Do not hesitate in requesting more graphic documentation of the precious stone for any clarifications. This will be provided shortly to accommodate your needs. 
The photographs of the inclusions, if any, are a distinctive sign NATURAL origin.

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