Cultured Saltwater Pearls

Cultured Salwater Pearls, Loose Tahitian Pearls, Baroque Tahitian Pearls, Loose South Sea Pearls, Golden South Sea Pearl,  Loose Akoya Pearls, Loose Mabe Pearls.

Pearls are a Mother Nature‘s Miracle, rare treasures that come from the seabed and that have been adorning our bodies for millennia.

Here you will discover the differences between a cultured pearl vs natural pearl, how pearls are formed, types of pearl, their main characteristics, quality of pearls (nacre pearl, pearl luster, natural pearl colors, pearl size) ,  varieties of cultured pearls (cultured freshwater pearl and cultured saltwater pearl),  history, etymology, etc.

Pearl is the official Birthstone for JuneMore information about Birthstones