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Affordable White Topaz gemstone from Mogok 11.13 carat


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Affordable White Topaz gemstone from Mogok. 11.13 ct Cushion Cut. This colorless gemstone has a good brilliance, its size is ideal for an engagement ring or any kind of jewelry. Topaz has a good hardness, is an impeccable gemstone at the best price. Better than images. Don't miss it!.

WEIGHT : 11.13
SIZE : 13.73 * 11.98 * 7.68 mm
SHAPE : Cushion
COLOR : Colorless
TREATMENT : Unheated

Inclusions type : Crystals with tail comet, fluid inclusions and solid inclusions.

"To those who are able to explore their secrets, precious stones relate to story as interesting as that of the huge pyramids erected by the Pharaohs at Memphis, and it would seem that their sublime internal spheres might be called, The Fingerprints of God" and also he called them "The usurpers from the factory". 
Edward J. Gübelin Inclusions as a Means of Gemstone Identification, 1953.
I think the best way I have to show my customers that my stones are natural is by showing them their interior, which is unique and beautiful. The scale of microphotography can be up to X50.


We took several photos:
We take photos with daylight (no lightbox and no extra lighting at all).
And we take photos and videos on mirror in a light box with extra lighting (this kind of photos clearly show the quality of the cut and the clarity of the gem).  

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Topaz is the birthstone for November. The Blue Topaz is the gem gifted for 4th wedding anniversaries, and the Imperial Topaz is gifted for those celebrating their 23rd anniversary.

Making us stronger, restoring our soul, dispelling anger, breaking spells, curing insomnia or giving us a longer life are just some of the many legends and powers that have been attributed to the  Topaz for centuries. 

The most common color of the topaz is colorless and brown, not blue. The color blue, mostly, is caused by treatment.
On the nature found colorless, brown, blue, yellow, orange, pink, purple and red topaz.
Topaz is allochromatic, its color is caused by impurity elements or color centers (crystallographic defects).
Colorless Topaz,  Blue or Green Topaz – Color centers, Yellow or Brown Topaz – Color centers
Pink or Red Topaz colored by Cr, Orange Topaz colored by Cr and color centers 
The most expensive color topaz are rich Pink or Red Topaz, followed by rich Orange Topaz. These vivid colors (red, pink, and orange) can cost excess of $1500/ct in contrast with the blue topaz (commonly treated) that is available by not more of $60/ct.

White or Colorless Topaz is an affordable gemstone. It's ideal for jewelry, its hardness (8 Mohs Scale), transparency, brilliance and its low price, make this white gemstone an affordable choice for your jewels.
Due to the prismatic habit of the crystals, topaz is often cut into elongated shapes (rectangular, emerald, oval, pear, teardrop).
Blue topaz is cut into any style and size.
Blue Topaz is available in large sizes, however Red and Pink Topaz are common small sizes.
Topaz will show eye-clean inclusion, except Red and Pink Topaz will show more inclusions.
Typical inclusions: Biphasic and Triphasic inclusions with immiscible liquids, veils, fingerprints or feathers. Solid inclusions (hematite, fluorite, etc). Solid inclusions finished “comet tail”. Needle-like rutile inclusion. Straight lines of growth.
More information about Topaz Gemstone.

MdMaya Gems uses the following clarity scale when grading gemstones.

Setting aside translucent and opaque gemstones, the first classification to take into account is: 

  • Type 1: Stones that are often inclusion free
  • Type 2: Stones that are usually included 
  • Type 3: Stones that are almost always included

EYE CLEAN: Appears clean to the unaided eye. (Type 1, 2 and 3)
       Type 1: Minute inclusions difficult to see with the unaided eye.
       Type 2: Minor inclusions easy to see with the unaided eye.
       Type 3: Noticeable inclusions apparent to the unaided eye.
       Type 1: Minor inclusions somewhat easy to see with the unaided eye.
       Type 2: Noticeable inclusions apparent to the unaided eye.
       Type 3: Obvious inclusions very apparent to the unaided eye.
HEAVILY included: prominent inclusions that have a negative effect on appearance or durability.
SEVERELY INCLUDED: prominent inclusions that have a severe effect on appearance or durability or both. (Type 1, 2 and 3).



All our gemstones have been analyzed by a qualified gemologist. Each precious stone comes with a gemological certificate to guarantee its authenticity, as well as describing its unique characteristics.
Pictures in this website might not reflect the intensity and brightness of the real color of the gemstone. Additionally, the pictures might not properly represent the real size of the gem (provided in millimeters). Do not hesitate in requesting more graphic documentation of the precious stone for any clarifications. This will be provided shortly to accommodate your needs. 
The photographs of the inclusions, if any, are a distinctive sign NATURAL origin.

If you are interested in obtaining more information about this gemstone, CONTACT US and we will respond as son as possible.