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Boulder Wood Fossil Opal Pair from Australia 16.14 ct


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Boulder Wood Fossil Opal Pair from Australia Cabochon Cut 16.14 ct total.

This beautiful untreated pair has many qualities, for starters they are double sided, they show a beautiful pattern with their neon blue, green, red, purple, yellow and orange peeking out from all sides and are a very good size, not too big or very small, so they will be very comfortable and not too heavy earrings.

Besides, they have a great history, since perhaps 100 million years ago, in their day they were a tree, roots or who knows, part of the vegetation of the great Australia; Over time, this wood became fossilized and part of it was replaced by precious opal.

These amazing opals are perfect for your bespoke jewelry.
100% Ethical and Natural Precious Stones.

WEIGHT 1: 8.18 ct
WEIGHT 2: 7.96 ct
SIZE 1: 17.56 * 13.93 * 4.87 mm
SIZE 2: 17.41 * 13.94 * 4.83 MM
SHAPE : Cab. Oval
TREATMENT : Untreated
HARDNESS : 5.5 - 6.5

The Opal is associated with good luck, it is the birthstone for October and the gem fo 14th wedding anniversaries.

The name for the opal comes from the Sanskrit word "Upala", meaning precious stone or stone par excellence.

The Greek word "opallios" means "to see a change of colors".

The opal is an amorphous substance that belongs to the silica group. It is formed by a series of spherical microscopic structures of various sizes, which diffract light to show a beautiful play of colors.

We took several photos:
We take photos with daylight (no lightbox and no extra lighting at all).
And we take photos and videos on mirror in a light box with extra lighting (this kind of photos clearly show the quality of the cut and the clarity of the gem). 

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MdMaya Gems uses the following clarity scale when grading gemstones.

Setting aside translucent and opaque gemstones, the first classification to take into account is: 

  • Type 1: Stones that are often inclusion free
  • Type 2: Stones that are usually included 
  • Type 3: Stones that are almost always included

EYE CLEAN: Appears clean to the unaided eye. (Type 1, 2 and 3)