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Natural Top Purple Pink Rubellite Tourmaline Oval Cut 1.08 ct


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Natural Top Purple Pink Rubellite Tourmaline from Mozambique. Oval Cut. 1.08 ct. Good things come in small package, this beautiful and untreated gemstone has a vivid and bright color, it will look perfect in any kind of jewelry, and the best, its price!.

WEIGHT : 1.08 ct
SIZE : 7.56 * 5.55 * 3.95 mm
SHAPE : Oval
COLOR : 28. (rP) reddish Purple
TONE : 4. Medium light
TREATMENT : Untreated
HARDNESS : 7 - 8

Inclusions type : solid and liquid inclusiones

The best quality / relation price.

Tourmaline and Opal are the birthstones for October. In 1952, the Jewelers of America association included the Tourmaline in the list of birthstones, becoming the second birthstone for October

More information about Birthstone 

"To those who are able to explore their secrets, precious stones relate to story as interesting as that of the huge pyramids erected by the Pharaohs at Memphis, and it would seem that their sublime internal spheres might be called, The Fingerprints of God" and also he called them "The usurpers from the factory". 
Edward J. Gübelin Inclusions as a Means of Gemstone Identification, 1953.
I think the best way I have to show my customers that my stones are natural is by showing them their interior, which is unique and beautiful. The scale of microphotography can be up to X50.


We took several photos:
We take photos with daylight (no lightbox and no extra lighting at all).
And we take photos and videos on mirrors in a light box with extra lighting (this kind of photos clearly show the quali