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Dark Reddish Orange Spessartite Garnet Pair 2.69 ct


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Dark Reddish Orange Spessartite Garnet Pair. 2.69 ct. Round cut. This pair of spessartites show a very saturated color and an incredible brightness, they will be amazing on some earrings. Pure color.

WEIGHT 1: 1.19 ct
WEIGHT 2: 1.50 ct
SIZE 1: 6.04 * 6.10 * 3.72 mm
SIZE 2: 6.13 * 6.17 * 4.20 mm
SHAPE : Round
COLOR : 5. (O) Orange
TONE : 8. Very dark
SATURATION : 4. Moderately Strong
CUT GRADE : Very Good
TREATMENT : Untreated
HARDNESS : 7 - 8

Inclusions type : Solid Inclusions.

The color orange in precious stones is rare, there are not many gems that present this color. The Spessartite Garnet shows a beautifully saturated colors, which make these gems are fantastic in high jewelry. For both a collector and to personalize your jewelry, Spessartites are a safe bet.  

Garnet is the official Birthstone for those born in Januarythe zodiacal stone of Aquarius and the gem that is usually gifted for second wedding anniversaries.

The powers attributed to garnet are very varied. They bring peace, prosperity, health, friendship, security.

WEIGHT : 2.64 ct.
SIZE : 7.39 * 7.26 * 4.60 mm.
SHAPE : Square
COLOR : 5. (O) Orange
TONE : 7. Dark
SATURATION : 5. Strong
TREATMENT : Unheated
HARDNESS : 7 - 8

Inclusions type : Healed fractures and liquid inclusions.

"To those who are able to explore their secrets, precious stones relate to story as interesting as that of the huge pyramids erected by the Pharaohs at Memphis, and it would seem that their sublime internal spheres might be called, The Fingerprints of God" and also he called them "The usurpers from the factory". 
Edward J. Gübelin Inclusions as a Means of Gemstone Identification, 1953.
I think the best way I have to show my customers that my stones are natural is by showing them their interior, which is unique and beautiful. The scale of microphotography can be up to X50.


We took several photos:
We take photos with daylight (no lightbox and no extra lighting at all).
And we take photos and videos on mirrors in a light box with extra lighting (this kind of photos clearly show the quality of the cut and the clarity of the gem). 


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Garnet Gems is the name for a group of related mineral species. The group of garnets are formed by two isomorphic series (same structure but different composition).

Garnet Gemstone are available in a rich variety of beautiful and radiant colors, the most common is the red garnet; but we can also find greens, oranges, yellows, purples, pinks, browns and even blues.
Garnets can exhibit the color change phenomenon and asterism.

Almandine - Red - Brown Garnets, Pirope - Red, Rhodolite (variety of Almandine & Pirop)- Pink-red, Spessartite - Orange Garnets.

Grossular - Varieties: Tsavorite - Green Garnets, Hessonite - Cloudy Orange-Yellow Garnets,  Hydrogrossular - Green Garnets, Pink, white, grey ,blue.

Andradrite. Varieties: Demantoid Garnet - Gre