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Pretty Bluish Violet Spinel 1.45 ct octagon cut


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Pretty bluish violet spinel 1.45 ct, octagon cut. This small spinel has a bit of a window, but thanks to its cut it has a good reflection of light on its facets, making it not boring at all. A small natural beauty and without any treatment within reach of all pockets. It will look spectacular once mounted on a ring.

WEIGHT : 1.45 ct
SIZE : 7.20 * 7.23 * 3.56 mm
SHAPE : Octagon
COLOR : 24. (bV) bluish Violet
TONE : 5. Medium
SATURATION : 2. Slightly Brownish / Grayish
TREATMENT : Not evidence of heat

Inclusions type : solid inclusions

The Spinel is the latest stone to become part of the list of birthstones. In 2016, the American Gem Trade Association included the Spinel as the birthstone of August.

In antiquity, Spinels have been owned by kingsprinces and emperors; have served to fund battles, people have been killed for them, and they have been used as war booty.

As a result of all these fabulous stories, Spinels have ad