Natural and untreated gemstones for your custom jewellery

Rare Blue Green Spinel 1.86 ct cushion cut


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Rare Blue Green Spinel 1.86 ct, cushion cut. This natural and untreated gemstone has an antique cut, its green color is very rare, its size is ideal, neither too big nor too small. Its behavior under light is amazing, has a beautiful and bright color under day light and more green under incandescent light. It will look perfect in your custom jewelry. Spinels are gems with rising value.

WEIGHT : 1.86 ct
SIZE : 8.14 * 6.80 * 4.09 mm
SHAPE : Cushion
COLOR : 20. (gB) greenish Blue
TONE : 7. Dark
SATURATION : 2. Slightly Brownish / Grayish
TREATMENT : Not evidence of heat


Inclusions type : Solid Inclusions, healed fracture

 In this gem I have added many photos of its inclusions, the inclusion that is seen in all, is taken from different angles and with different types of light. Natural gems present all beautiful inner world.


The Spinel is the latest stone to become part of the list of birthstones. In 2016, the American Gem Trade Association included