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Rhodolite 2.01 ct cushion cut


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Rhodolite, 2.01 ct, cushion cut. This affordable gem has an excellent cut, very well proportioned, which makes purplish red glitters come out of its facets at the slightest movement. It has a very good measurement, since although it is a two-carat gemstone, it would look amazing in a ring or pendant. A beautiful totally natural and untreated gem within the reach of any pocket and with an extra, inside it is even more gorgeous, do not miss its microphotography, these photos have been taken under the microscope at 50x, unfortunately those incredible needles are not visible with the naked eye. Beautiful inside and out.

WEIGHT : 2.01 ct
SIZE : 9.56 * 5.63 * 3.85 mm
SHAPE : Cushion
COLOR : 30. (stpR) strongly purplish Red
TONE : 6. Medium dark
SATURATION : 5. Strong
CUT GRADE : Excellent
TREATMENT : Untreated
HARDNESS : 7 - 7.5

Inclusions type : Solid Inclusions (needles)


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Garnet Gems is the name for a group of related mineral species. The group of garnets are formed by two isomorphic series (same structure but different composition).

Garnet Gemstone are available in a rich variety of beautiful and radiant colors, the most common is the red garnet; but we can also find greens, oranges, yellows, purples, pinks, browns and even blues.
Garnets can exhibit the color change phenomenon and asterism.

Almandine - Red - Brown Garnets, Pirope - Red, Rhodolite (variety of Almandine & Pirop)- Pink-red, Spessartite - Orange Garnets.

Grossular - Varieties: Tsavorite - Green Garnets, Hessonite - Cloudy Orange-Yellow Garnets,  Hydrogrossular - Green Garnets, Pink, white, grey ,blue.

Andradrite. Varieties: Demantoid Garnet - Green Garnets, Topazolite - Yellow Garnets, Melanite - Black Garnets. Mali Garnet (variety of Grossular & Andradite).


The most expensive color varieties are Tsavorite garnets, Demantoid garnets, Spessartites (Mandarin Garnet) and Change Color Garnets.


Transparent garnets can use any style of cut. The most common styles are standard shapes (oval, emerald, trillion, round, etc.). Translucent and opaque garnets are cut into cabochon, carvings and beads. Garnets with cat eye effect or asterism also are cut into cabochon. Green Hydrogrossular ("Transvaal Jade") is cut into cabochon or imitating the jade pieces. 

Garnets are available in large