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Supreme Fanta Unheated Spessartite Marquise Cut 1.66 ct.


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Supreme Fanta Unheated Spessartite. Beautiful Color. Marquise Cut. 1.66 ct. A Perfect Gem! This gem has an internal fire, it is pure orange, it will be superb in any piece of jewelry you can imagine.

WEIGHT : 1.66 ct
SIZE : 10.46 * 5.33 * 3.92 mm
SHAPE : Marquise
COLOR : 6. (yO) yellowish Orange
TONE : 4. Medium light
TREATMENT : Unheated
HARDNESS : 7 - 8

Inclusions type : fingerprint, solid inclusions

The color orange in precious stones is rare, there are not many gems that present this color. The Spessartite Garnet shows a beautifully saturated colors, which make these gems are fantastic in high jewelry. For both a collector and to personalize your jewelry, Spessartites are a safe bet. 

Garnet is the official Birthstone for those born in Januarythe zodiacal stone of Aquarius and the gem that is usually gifted for second wedding anniversaries.

The powers attributed to garnet are very varied. They bring peace, prosperity, health, friendship, security. 

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Garnet Gems is the name for a group of related mineral species. The group of garnets are formed by two isomorphic series (same structure but different composition).

Garnet Gemstone are available in a rich variety of beautiful and radiant colors, the most common is the red garnet; but we can also find greens, oranges, yellows, purples, pinks, browns and even blues.
Garnets can exhibit the color change phenomenon and asterism.

Almandine - Red - Brown Garnets, Pirope - Red, Rhodolite (variety of Almandine & Pirop)- Pink-red, Spessartite - Orange Garnets.

Grossular - Varieties: Tsavorite - Green Garnets, Hessonite - Cloudy Orange-Yellow Garnets,  Hydrogrossular - Green Garnets, Pink, white, grey ,blue.

Andradrite. Varieties: Demantoid Garnet - Green Garnets, Topazolite - Yellow Garnets, Melanite - Black Garnets. Mali Garnet (variety of Grossular & Andradite).


The most expensive color varieties are Tsavorite garnets, Demantoid garnets, Spessartites (Mandarin Garnet) and Change Color Garnets.


Transparent garnets can use any style of cut. The most common styles are standard shapes (oval, emerald, trillion, round, etc.). Translucent and opaque garnets are cut into cabochon, carvings and beads. Garnets with cat eye effect or asterism also are cut into cabochon. Green Hydrogrossular ("Transvaal Jade") is cut into cabochon or imitating the jade pieces. 

Garnets are available in large sizes, however Demantoid and Tsavorite are common small sizes, this two stones are the most expensive of all garnets. Tsavorite garnets is cut trying to maximize the weight retention of the rough. Demantoid Garnets is often cut into round, brilliant and cushion shapes (which facilitates viewing of its FIRE).


Almandine, Pyrope, Rhodolite (red garnets) will show eye-visible inclusions unlike the Spessartite, Hessonite (orange garnets) which will show eye-clean inclusionsGrossular is usually translucent


MdMaya Gems uses the following clarity scale when grading gemstones.

Setting aside translucent and opaque gemstones, the first classification t