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Untreated oval blue sapphire 1.01 ct with certificate


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Untreated oval blue sapphire 1.01 ct. with certificate.

This little more than a carat beauty is extremely beautiful. Its blue color is mesmerizing.

Finding untreated sapphires is really very difficult, finding them of this beautiful color is quite an achievement. It is not a perfect cut, although it could not be said that it is poor at all (the rough of the untreated sapphires is used to the maximum), in terms of its color, in some areas it is a little darker; but overall it is a delight, the best blue without a doubt. Its origin is Sri Lanka.

It will look perfect on your personalized jewelry.

WEIGHT : 1.01 ct
SIZE : 5.73 * 5.39 * 3.82 mm
SHAPE : Oval
COLOR : 23. (vB) violetish Blue
TONE : 7. Dark
SATURATION : 5. Strong
TREATMENT : Untreated - Unheated


Inclusions type : Silk Rutile Solid inclusions

Sapphire is the birthstones for September. It is the zodiacal stone of Taurus and the gemstone for the fifth wedding anniversary. It symbolizes noble qualities, such as wisdom, loyalty, greatness, etc.

Two types of sapphires are used in Vedic astrology: the yellow sapphire corresponds to the planet Jupiter and the blue sapphire is related to Saturn.

Sapphires are the blue gemological variety of corundums. Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds form one of the most important groups in terms of colored stones.

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