Cultured Freshwater Pearl

Cultured Freshwater Pearl

Loose Freshwater Pearls, White Freshwater Pearls, Baroque Freshwater Pearls. Discover why Freshwater Pearls are Unique. 

Pearls are a Mother Nature‘s Miracle, rare treasures that come from the seabed and that have been adorning our bodies for millennia.

Unlike saltwater pearls, freshwater pearls are usually not as round. But you can find them in all sizes, shapes and colours, at a much more affordable price than their saltwater sisters.

Here you will discover the differences between a cultured pearl vs natural pearl, how pearls are formed, types of pearl, their main characteristics, quality of pearls (nacre pearl, pearl luster, natural pearl colors, pearl size) ,  varieties of cultured pearls (cultured freshwater pearl and cultured saltwater pearl),  history, etymology, etc.

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